Chicken Adobo

Adobo is a dish comprised of meat stewed in vinegar and soy sauce. The flavorful and punchy sauce will make your home smell wonderful and your chicken delicious. My advisor for this project suggested chicken adobo to me as an authentic filipino dish that her family often enjoys, and I was not disappointed.

I began my cooking by learning how to cut up a 20170524_152531whole chicken (I did not find it as difficult to prepare as the crab I used in my callaloo). I used this video to navigate my way through the process, and made a nice chicken-carrot soup with the backbone. When my chicken was disassembled, I took each piece–wings, thighs, breasts, legs–and put it skin down in heated oil. I let it brown on both sides, then put it on a plate. Using the same pan, I simmered soy sauce and apple cider vinegar together, then added the chicken back in along with bay leavespeppercorns, and lots of garlic. After bringing all of this to the boil I turned down the heat and covered with a lid. I cooked it for about 25 minutes, turning each piece of chicken over halfway through.


When your chicken is cooked you can take it out and cook the sauce until it condenses a bit. I had to wait for my family to arrive for dinner, so I put my chicken and sauce in the fridge separately, then boiled up the sauce when people were ready to eat, tossing the chicken in before taking off the heat. Make sure to strain the sauce before serving, and enjoy on a bed of jasmine rice.



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